Sunday, September 16, 2007

Circus Freaks and Alice Dreger’s Hermaphrodite Show

Alice Dreger, one of the most well-known intersex activists (who is not intersexed) will be giving a lecture relating to Disorders of Sex Development (the term she has advised doctors and professionals to call us). This lecture will be part of:

Kresge Art Museum's "Circus: The Art of the 'Strange & Curious' " exhibit. The exhibit will end with a showing of the film “Freaks”.


I have just a few questions:
1)How would women feel if the most well-known feminist was a man?
2)How would women feel if this man totally dismissed their experiences as irrelevant and was working to not only label them as inferior but genetically defective (which is what Dreger’s DSD terminology and guidelines are about)?
3)How would women feel if this famous “feminist” who was a man went about calling women pejorative names without asking them how they felt about those insulting labels?
4)How would women feel if this same feminist man was giving a lecture on feminism at an exhibit of explicit pornographic art objectifying women from an historical perspective?
5)How would women feel if this exhibit ended with a showing of “Deep Throat”?

Would women denounce this? I am certain that many would. And as an intersexed person, I am denouncing this upcoming lecture of Dreger's.

I can see some valid points in Dreger's lecture but having a non-intersexed person who will be calling me offensive names surrounded by pictures of circus freaks is not what I call intersex activism.

by Curtis E. Hinkle